Product Features

Power efficient

  • Extreme power conservation as it has a power rating that is lower than half of a regular fan (34Wh).

Money saving

  • LINA-PAC does not use any filters or pads, so you do not need to waste your money on replacing it with a new one every few weeks as in other Evaporative Air Coolers.
  • Long lifetime because it is DC components based (50000 working hours.).

High performance

  • The first evaporative air cooler that reduces the air temperature even when the relative humidity reaches 80% without increasing humidity.
  • Operates continuously for up to 8 hours using only 2 liters of water
  • No need for ice or cooled water to operate only ordinary tap water.

Innovated Idea

  • Pending patent No.1294/2018 in Egypt.
  • Spots the cooled air directly on the person not the environment surrounding him using centrifugal fan delivering a conical airflow that provides efficient cooling with a range of 1.5 meter long.
  • The extremely small “3 micron” water droplet radius allows a full water consumption by the air stream therefor granting a superior and a much more efficient cooling effect.


  • The first air conditioner that enhances your health by adding honey, mint oil, lemon and other natural oils.
  • Goodbye to eye and nose dryness and welcome to a healthy full night sleep.
  • Eliminating bacteria sources such as air filters, evaporative coils and pads so it is a bacteria free option.


  • No air filter, evaporative coils, water cartridge or pads so it doesn’t have any kind of bacteria sources like in the other types of air conditioners.
  • Does not have any sharp blades that can harm children.

Compact and portable

  • Optimized to guarantee a very high level of mobility and simplicity in usage.

Affordable price

  • Very fair price compared with the other types of air conditioners
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