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Lina PAC uses in the Kitchen

When the conventional air conditioner is set at 27 ° C instead of 22 ° C, the user achieves 75% energy savings. The relative humidity of the place will not be less than 40%. Therefore, we have prevented dehydration of air, which causes many health problems for the user. Using LINA-PAC to reach 18 ° C, especially with the addition of honey, peppermint oil and lemon, the device will provide the user with a cool natural and healthy airflow, which will result in enhancement the healthy life.

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Lina PAC uses outdoor

LINA-PAC reduces the temperature from 32 ° C to 22 ° C at 80% RH, providing a healthy air stream that simulates the fresh air stream from the beach, adding a small amount of salt dissolved in water or adding honey, mint leaves and lemon into the main tank will improve our healthy life, as the user will save about 95% in energy consumption compared to conventional air conditioners.

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Lina PAC uses at bedroom for children and old

Most of Arabian countries now have a dry climate, for example Riyadh and Medina are isolating the buildings thermally, so, by adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner on 29 °C to make all the temperature of the house is appropriate. At the same time using LINA -PAC next to you, whether sitting or asleep, It works to reduce the temperature to 18 °C or higher by choosing the cooling capacity of LINA-PAC. Thus, LINA-PAC reduces 75% of power consumption in the dry places, and provides a fresh moisturizing air suitable for the dry areas preventing dryness of air which causes many health problems.

Lina PAC uses in the Office

LINA-PAC provides the user with cooled air stream has a low temperature of between 22°C and 18°C according to relative humidity, that air stream will be 18°C at relative humidity of 10%. Thus, LINAPAC reduces power consumption by more than 95% in dry places without using any other type of air conditioner devices, and provides the user with healthy air stream simulates nature and without any pollutants, but on the contrary works to improve the health situation.

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